Empresas de Consultoria

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http://www.accenture.com/ Accenture (ex-Andersen Consulting), 2013-07-14.

http://www.adl.com/ - Arthur D. Little's services span Management Consulting, Technology & Innovation, Environment & Risk Consulting, and Incubation Services for clients worldwide, 2013-07-14.

http://www.bah.com Booz·Allen & Hamilton, a global leader in management and technology consulting, provides services to major international corporations and government clients around the world through two business sectors: the Worldwide Commercial Business and the Worldwide Technology Business, 2013-07-14.

http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_LU/lu/services/consulting/knowledge-management/#.UeJrfY1ebDY Deloitte, 2013-07-14.

http://www.ey.com Ernst & Young LLP, 2013-07-14.

http://www.kpmg.com; KPMG offer total business solutions to clients tailored to their particular industry sector. This is achieved through an extensive understanding of industry specific issues and trends, 2013-07-14.

http://www.mcdermottconsulting.com/ McDermott Consulting helps public and private sector organizations operate in the current highly interdependent, highly distributed organizations, 2013-07-14.

http://progressivepractices.com/services/Success in the Knowledge Economy means becoming complex, adaptive, knowing organizations, 2013-07-14.

http://www.pwc.com/ PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 2013-07-14.

http://www.smiknowledge.com/ Strategic Management Institute, 2013-07-14

http://www.tliknowledge.com/ TLI Knowledge Services Private Limited is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Staffing, Executive Search & HR Support Services Company, that is based in Bangalore, India., 2006-10-22.