National Intellectual Capital (NICI40)

National Intellectual Capital (NICI40) by Carol Yeh-Yun Lin & Leif Edvinsson

The NICI40 is a global model designed to gain the relativity of a country as the intellectual capital (or knowledge capital). It is extremely interesting because it allows us to evaluate and support development policies in countries where it is applied. The authors [Carol Yeh-Yun Lin & Leif Edvinsson] mathematically estimated coefficients for each of the variables that make up the model, so we can apply it and get the results to any country as long as the data is available. On the other hand, the estimated coefficient also allows to evaluate the importance of each variable. The structure consists of five types of capital:


National Intellectual Capital = Human Capital + Market Capital + Process Capital + Renewal Capital + Financial Capital

NICI Model = aHC + bMC + cPC + dRC + eFC



Human Capital = 0,276 times X1 + 0,573 times X2 + ... and so on